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Aug 25, 2021 11:50:22 a.m.

If you’re asked when was the last time you fed your soul with something, chances are you’re struggling to come up with the right answer.

The majority of people will bend over backwards to reminisce because the truth is that they’re so busy feeding their brains and stomachs that taking some soul time out of their busy lives feels like a simple luxuries they cannot afford.

Art is food for the soul. An art museum is a distinct type of museum that exhibits a wide range of works of art including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, etc. In Bangladesh, however, most museums maintain a separate art gallery for visitors.

The particular section of a museum that contains similar works in style, medium, period, or artist is known as an art gallery. An art gallery, if not a museum, is a smaller space for the display of art, usually visual art.

“Art museums are my happy place. A place that never fails to soothe my soul,” rejoices Sushmita Saha, freshly graduated from the Department of Economics at North-South University.

“Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is my favorite detox place forever. I attend every art festival they have. Not that I’m a great connoisseur or understand all the works on display, but watch them for a while is very moving and heartwarming.

Madhubanti Raya, a final year student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, is a strong advocate for the need for art museums in any city.

“Art can have a lasting impact on people and the society in which we live. The art museum is a bridge between people and the artist who creates art. This is very important because human beings are hungry for new ideas and creativity which can be satisfied by different forms of art,” she explains.

One of the main reasons to visit art museums frequently is that art liberates one’s soul. As much as art captivates the minds of viewers, it liberates their souls. A museum full of art is a place full of loopholes.

City life is so hectic and tiring and people fall into toxic loops every now and then. It’s important to get out of those loops and start with new positive energy. It is important to look at life from a new angle. As Pablo Picasso said, “Art is the lie that allows us to realize the truth.”

Visiting museums can certainly help fuel your discussions at social gatherings. Whether it’s a new exhibit or a fascinating speaker, museums offer a variety of topics for discussion, many of which transcend cultural boundaries.

Museums are conversation starters. You can meet there and have refreshing gossip after a long hectic working day like MrTanvir Ahmed does.

“I recently moved to my place of work in Dhaka where I have some acquaintances. Since I live here alone, I often visit art galleries after office hours to dive deep into the art world,” shared the newly joined senior officer at a government bank in Dhaka.

“Nevertheless, while exploring the art world, I also met several art-loving people there whom I contact regularly now. We often fix a particular day to visit a particular art gallery in order to indulge in mindfuladda (gossip).

It is no coincidence that there is a “muse” in “museum”. A museum is a place of wonder, a place of reflection, a place of renewal, a base of inspiration. There is knowledge even in the corridors of museums. The more he tells you the less you know.

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