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Calling all art fanatics! Are you looking for a place that offers great food, culture, history and last but not least art? Look no further because Israel is the place to be. The rich history and progressive culture of the land has resulted in a diverse selection of art ranging from mosaic art to fine art and everything in between. Even though Israel is a small country, there is a huge range of different types of art museums, and in many different cities too! With more than 200 museums, it is home to the highest number of museums per capita in the world! For art junkies who need advice on where to visit on their next in-person or virtual art excursion, here are some of our recommendations…

#1 The Negev Art Museum (Beersheva)

The Negev Art Museum. Photo by Makarenko7/Shutterstock.com

Getting overwhelmed easily in large museums? Then the Negev Art Museum is the perfect place for you! Although it may not be large in size, the museum building is of great historical significance. The museum typically features modern art from local areas and regions, and you can find more information about past and current exhibits on their website. As well as housing hundreds of beautiful works of art, the space itself is used for events such as weddings and art classes. If you are ever in Beersheva, the Negev Art Museum should definitely be a stop in your day for some one-on-one time with art.

More information can be found here!

#2 Holon Design Museum (Holon)

Holon Design Museum

Holon Design Museum

For starters, the Design Museum building is a work of art! This modern contemporary structure was designed by an Israeli architect named Ron Arad. The museum itself opened in 2010, and although it is quite new, it is already known as one of the best design museums in the world. The exhibitions focus on design, fashion, jewelry and architecture. You can find more information about the current postings on their website! However, if you are currently in Israel, check out their prom dress exhibit; it is not only gorgeous, but also offers great insight into the fashion world.

If you want to know more about recent exhibitions at Design Museum Holon, check out this article!

#3 The Israel Museum (Jerusalem)

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

We wouldn’t provide a full list of recommendations if we didn’t include the iconic Israel Museum, in the heart of Jerusalem. The museum houses approximately 500,000 works of art ranging from a selection of historical, archaeological and visual classifications. In addition to these rooms, there is a beautiful outdoor garden which features sculptures and a replica of the city of Jerusalem. My first trip to the Israel Museum was when I was a child, and to this day I still remember my visit vividly. We suggest devoting a long period of time to this museum, as it is large in both size and selection of exhibits. For current exhibits on display and any Covid-19 regulations you may consider, their website is located here.

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#4 ANU Museum of the Jewish People (Tel Aviv)

Exterior of ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. Photo courtesy of UNA

Are you interested in knowing how the Jewish people have evolved over time? ANU – The Museum of the Jewish People located on the campus of Tel Aviv University has just completed a makeover and is ready to be visited! This museum highlights every step of the Jewish people’s journey through 4,000 years. Combining technological and physical exhibits, visitors have a unique experience of how the Jewish people have changed as a people and across the world. If you want to visit the new ANU museum, visit their website here.

Additional information can be found here!

#5 Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art (Haifa)

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art embodies the concept that art connects us all globally. With the first and only type in the Middle East, this extensive Japanese collection showcases thousands of years of history through visual arts, textiles, ceramics and many other artistic mediums. Through this incredible space that shapes the world, individuals have the opportunity to connect with their continental friends without ever having to leave their home country. Want Japanese art? Discover their latest exhibitions here.

If you want to know more about this museum, click here!

Everywhere you turn in Israel, you are greeted by extraordinary monuments, amazing archaeological sites and thousands of years of culturally dense history. In addition to the landscape, there are vital pieces of visual art and places that enrich Israel’s vast history. It is truly a unique experience for all residents and visitors to Israel! Check the ISRAEL21c website for more information on these museums and others in the area.

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