The city’s art museums dominate the country


Shanghai’s 96 art museums held 950 exhibitions and 3,953 public educational activities last year, according to the newly released annual report on the development of art museums in Shanghai in 2021.

The report was initiated by the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration.

The number of art museums in the city increased by seven from the previous year, making it the number one in China. Of these, 71 are private museums, 66 of which are open to the public free of charge.

The number of exhibitions held by local art museums last year increased by 58.3% over the previous year, and 80% of them are free.

In total, they received 6.21 million visits in the same year, an increase of 53% compared to 2020.

They also held 3,953 public educational activities such as lectures, workshops and parent-child activities last year, up 44.5% year-on-year, attracting over 1.52 million attendees. .

According to the report, a cluster of art museums has already taken shape in the West Bund area in Xuhui District, Hongqiao in Changning District and the Bund in Huangpu District.

The most visited art museums in the city are the China Art Museum (603,000 visits), the West Bund Museum (583,000) and the Museum of Art Pudong (456,000).

In line with the rapid development of art museums in Shanghai, the digital promotion of museums has also marked a big step forward in 2021. Nearly 73% use WeChat official accounts to update information about exhibitions and exhibitions. museum news.

As a byproduct of exhibitions, most museums also developed cultural and creative products with a total sales volume of 25 million yuan last year, up 54 percent from 2020.

Shanghai builds both the image and the infrastructure of art museums among other major cosmopolitans such as New York, London and Paris.

The Metropolitan Museum in New York welcomed 1.958 million visitors and the Louvre 2.825 million visitors in 2021.


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