Science and natural history museums


It’s impossible to think of any other place in the world that offers as many diverse and educational experiences as you’ll find in San Diego’s science and natural history museums.

The best place to start any museum experience is at Balboa Park. This picturesque setting covers 1,200 acres and attracts visitors with 18 different museums, many of which are devoted to science and natural history.

The most popular of them is the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Exhibits cover early human flight, World War I, the Golden Age of Flight, World War II, space travel, and the present day. The expansive museum houses an extensive collection of restored fighter aircraft, gliders, and historically significant artifacts.

The Fleet Science Center is equally impressive, where visitors are immersed and inspired by the wonders of science and technology. A 76-foot IMAX theater, interactive exhibits, activities and educational events make it an ideal destination for families.

The Museum of Photographic Arts lets you experience history, nature, and distant places while teaching you about science, evolution, and the creative side of the photographic arts. It’s a unique and visually stunning experience for customers of all ages. Balboa Park is also home to the museum of us, formerly the Museum of Man. You can learn about the history and evolution of mankind and culture at one of the park’s most popular destinations, including an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The park is also home to the San Diego Natural History Museum, a celebration of the natural world where visitors can experience the biodiversity of Southern California and Baja California. “The Nat” has hundreds of replicas of long-extinct species, fossils, gems and minerals, as well as photographs of the natural beauty of Southern California and Baja.

You will also benefit from a natural history lesson at the San Diego Zoo. It is considered one of the best zoos in the world that focuses on educating visitors about conservation efforts as part of its mission. You can gaze at 700,000 plants and 650 rare and endangered animal species, many of which roam freely in cage-free outdoor exhibits that mimic their natural habitats.

Although it’s not exactly a museum, when you talk about natural history in San Diego, you have to include the Birch Tree Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla. It’s teeming with hundreds of ocean species that provide insight into local marine life while weaving lessons about ocean ecosystems past and present.

The Comic-Con Museum might not be the first thing that comes to mind if you’re looking for a science lesson. But that’s exactly what the founders of this iconic event achieved when they opened this unique destination that celebrates science, technology, art and storytelling.


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