rm: BTS fans follow RM’s example and invade American art museums visited by the K-Pop idol

BTS is a famous South Korean boy group that has fans all over the world. With their songs exploding up the charts and stomping their feet, the band’s music has taken the world by storm. Besides constantly praising and praising BTS, their fans, also known as ARMY, support the careers and personal choices of BTS members. In recent days, ARMY has flooded the museums that BTS leader RM has visited in the United States.

Each member of BTS has attracted a massive following since debuting on Instagram last year. RM, the leader of BTS, currently has more than 36 million followers who are largely influenced by his activities.

The group visited the White House early last month to discuss the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States. In addition to exploring the country, the group members met their friends during their visit to the United States. Passionate about art, RM also visited the

Museum of Fine Arts.

RM took to his Instagram account to share a number of photos from the exhibition by Canadian-American painter Phillip Guston. RM posted some snapshots of the famous painter’s work as well as some photos of himself. RM captioned the post: “2 Boston 4 Guston ..from Washington.”

Hundreds of thousands of fans were drawn to the museum after his post.

RM fans have followed his love for art and been influenced by him in the past. RM had posted a photo of himself at the Menil Collection’s McGovern Green in Houston, after which it became a popular spot among his fans.

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