Museums of the history of women and Latin Americans will finally be built


The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Katherine Frey / The Washington Post via Getty Images

In 2011, the idea for the National Museum of the American Latino was officially first proposed to the House of Representatives, but it took several years before they finally implemented a plan for the idea to be successful. finally executed. This plan was launched in July 2020, and on Thursday a key Senate committee also voted unanimously to approve the Smithsonian Institution’s authorization to establish both the National Museum of the American Latino and the American Women’s. History Museum. The Smithsonian, of course, has launched another very important museum in recent years: the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in 2016. No other museum under this direction has opened since then.

Although the official National Museum of the American Latino proposal was passed in 2011, it has been a passionate project for many lawmakers and lawmakers since the 1990s, when a report found that only 2 out of 470 people were in the National Portrait Gallery’s “remarkable”. The Americans section was Latin. Likewise, the idea of ​​an American women’s history museum is not entirely recent, but the fact remains that there is currently no federally-run museum dedicated to the accomplishments. of American women in the United States. The House passed a bill to create a national museum of women’s history in February, and the two new museums would be funded by both federal funds and private donations.

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At a time when many American museums face the possibility of having to close due to lack of funding, and also given that 67 percent of museums that responded to a recent study said they would cut programs education during the pandemic, the prospect of opening new museums is encouraging. However, the federal government must also clearly do more to preserve the museums that already exist.

Latin American and women's history museums will finally become a reality


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