“DC folks: any art museums (at large) in the DC area to add to this list?”


photo (and request) by Katherine Zhao

Katherine asks, “DC folks: art museums (at large) in the DC area to add to this list?” I found myself going to the same ones and wanted to explore other places.

The first answers:

National Museum of African American History and National Museum of African Art, Longview Gallery, “

“The word museum is an artistic demonstration of words. I highly recommend.”

“The @library congress has some interesting exhibits, recently they posted sketches of the courtroom, as well as maps and illuminated texts are art! And as a bonus, you can go through the Free Little Art Gallery on E. Capitol Street »

“Maybe an unorthodox choice, but when they finish the renovation, I would add Air & Space (on the Mall). There are several very large murals, the earliest aviation trophies are basically a collection of sculptures, and the earliest collection of Islamic and medieval astrolabes is magnificent.

“I don’t know if they are open, but I was planning to check the galleries on the Georgetown campus

Dupont underground? Should reopen soon.

“(It’s not in DC but …) @TheAVAM (AmVisionaryArtMuseum) the road is worth the detour for some [definitely not DC] art.”

Natural History Museum has a very fun gem and stone display and the human evolution exhibit is awesome. There is a small special exhibition on art focusing on the human / nature interaction ”

National Postal Museum by Union Station “

“If you can get to Baltimore (technically sort of outside of the DC area, but close enough, I think), the Walters Museum is amazing and free. The place is also huge and has other exhibits / artifacts besides art.

National Building Museum under “in the broad sense”

National Museum of Health and Medicine in the silver spring!


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