Congress will authorize national museums of Latin and women’s history


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Congress is set to establish a National Museum of Latin American and a Museum of American Women’s History under the auspices of the Smithsonian as part of the $ 2.3 trillion year-end spending bill. dollars which is due to be voted on Monday, after years campaigning for both.


A bipartisan congressional commission recommended the establishment of a women’s museum in 2015, as the vast majority of museums showcase men’s accomplishments and contributions to American history.

The House passed legislation to create the two museums earlier this year and the Senate is expected to approve them with the spending bill.

The legislation would establish boards for each museum, two years to determine locations and designate federal funds for 50% of the respective costs, the other half being raised through private funding.

Chief critic

On December 10, Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) blocked the Senate from voting on legislation to approve the two museums. “The last thing we need is to further divide an already divided nation with an array of separate, separate but equal museums for the severed identity groups,” Lee said.


These museums would join the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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