BTS’s RM Sent K-Pop Fans To Flood Art Museums Through Instagram –


When Korean pop superstars BTS took to the White House in May to speak about the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, more than 300,000 people watched the briefing live – compared to one most typical 16,000. The pop group, which announced in June that he takes a temporary hiatus, is known to have this effect – he has become colloquially known as “the BTS bump”.

A few days earlier, the band’s frontman, RM, had used his influence to draw attention to a more niche institution – Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts – and its exhibit on Canadian-American painter Phillip Guston.

As he has done for dozens of museums and galleries, the 27-year-old Korean musician posted about his visit to his 35.6 million Instagram followers, sending his enthusiastic fanbase rushing to visit. , learn more and post on social media. That’s exactly what happens when one of the world’s biggest pop stars gets hooked on a new hobby.

“As an art enthusiast and collector who loves art, I read and study a lot in hopes of developing particular ideas and better discerning eyes…” RM, who started visiting museums regularly in 2018, said ART news by email.

“I’m not good at multitasking, but I’m a person who digs deep once I’m interested. Right now, I’m into art.


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