BTS’ RM’s fondness for art museums entices K-Pop fans to visit them; here’s how


The famous South Korean boy band BTS enjoys a huge number of fans around the world. The band have surely taken the world by storm with their chart-topping, toe-tapping songs. While fans of the K-Pop group – ARMY – never fail to praise and brag about them, they also support the careers and individual choices of the members of BTS. Recently, ARMY flooded some museums in the United States that the group’s leader, RM, had visited.

Since the BTS members debuted on Instagram last year, each of them has garnered a huge following base. BTS leader RM has over 35.7 million Instagram followers who he apparently has a lot of influence over. Earlier last month, the K-Pop group visited the White House to discuss the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States with President Joe Biden. During their visit to the United States, the band members went to explore the country and also took the time to meet their friends there. As RM is a big art lover, he also paid a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Taking to his Instagram handle, the K-Pop star shared a series of photos from the exhibition by Canadian-American painter Phillip Guston. The message contained a series of artwork by the famous painter as well as some snaps of RM himself.

Sharing the post, he wrote, “2 Boston 4 Guston…from Washington.” RM’s post was not only appreciated by hundreds of thousands of his fans, but also made them rush to visit the museum.

Notably, this isn’t the first time RM fans have been influenced by him and followed his love for the art. Ever since RM posted a photo of himself in front of the McGovern Green at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, it’s become a popular spot for BTS ARMY fans.

BTS’s RM on his love for art

In a recent chat with ARTnews, RM opened up about his fondness for art and revealed that he reads and studies continuously. He said, “As an art enthusiast and collector who loves art, I read and study a lot in hopes of developing particular ideas and better discerning eyes.” The singer also revealed that he started visiting museums regularly in 2018. He added, “I’m not good at multitasking, but I’m a person who digs deep once I get interested. In this moment, I’m into art.”

Image: Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial


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