A growing number of people are taking action in art museums


Let’s say this right off the bat: it’s been a tough few years for just about everyone. The pandemic, climate change, social injustice and countless other factors have disrupted huge swaths of daily life – and all of this has had an effect on the daily routines of countless people. That being said, there are several ways to deal with stress in healthy and productive ways. And then there’s what seems to be emerging as a growing trend – that is, people venting their frustrations in art museums.

Last month, a man walked into the Louvre and threw a cake on the Mona Lisa. (He technically threw it over the plastic covering placed over the painting in case something happened like this.) And now, at the Dallas Museum of Art, another man has decided his frustrations are best expressed by smashing several ancient artifacts.

The Dallas Morning News has more details about the incident, which involved a 21-year-old man breaking into the museum and smashing several ancient Greek artifacts, as well as a bottle created by a Caddo artist. Brian Hernandez, the man who broke in, finally called 911. That’s when, ART news reportsthat museum security took him into custody.

As to why he did it, the Dallas Morning News quotes a security guard who allegedly told a police officer that “[Hernandez] got mad at his girlfriend so he broke in and started destroying property.

According to Dallas Morning News article, the museum originally estimated the destruction at $5 million, but later said the true figure was likely significantly lower. Although in this case the dollar amount is less important than the principle that someone treats a museum as their own personal rage room.


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