5 Ohio Art Museums Blending Food and Art


Ohio’s art museums exhibit a level of creativity that both amazes and inspires

Some Ohio art museums offer excellent dining options for visitors. It’s a great choice for lunch before or after visiting the galleries. A wonderful option for tour planners is to work with museums to create a magnified art and culinary experience. These five art museums will get you started.

Columbus Museum of Art (Columbus)

The Columbus Museum of Art He is no stranger to organizing special events. Nine facilities are available with dining for up to 320 people at the Schottenstein Property Group pavilion. For group visits, the Broad Street Lobby seats 65, while the LoAnn W. Crane Forum and American Electrical Foundation Ready Room each have a seating capacity of 60. The Schokko Art Café is available after hours and can also accommodate 60 people. For dinner. On-site catering and partnerships with local caterers guarantee an artistic experience. Start planning your party here. columbusmuseum.org

Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland)

With over 44,000 square feet of event space, delicious cuisine and impeccable service, all surrounded by world-class art, events are memorable. For groups, the Provence restaurant is perfect for 40 seated guests. The private dining room adjacent to the Provence Restaurant comfortably seats 60 people, the North Court Lobby has wonderful views of the courtyard and Wade Oval and can accommodate up to 70 people for dinner. Larger groups will be comfortable in the banquet hall with 100 seats for dinner, while the east and west atriums each offer 120 seats for dinner. The event department of Cleveland Museum of Art is ready to help you plan your group’s memorable experience. clevelandart.org

All dinners at the Cincinnati Art Museum are prepared by the museum’s chef. Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Cincinnati Museum of Art (Cincinnati)

The Cincinnati Art Museum is certainly one of top notch accommodations special events for group travelers. All dinners are prepared by the museum chef. Facilities include the Alice Bimel courtyard, the main hall and the great room which can accommodate up to 160 people for dinner, 150 with a group. Small groups find seating for 45 in the Mary R. Schill Library, while larger groups of up to 70 and 90 have dinner seating in the Casellini Foundation room and the Terrace Café. The staff is waiting for you to put their skills at your service. cincinnatiartmuseum.org

Toledo Art Museum (Toledo)

Among the museums neoclassical main building, gardens, terraces, galleries and meeting room, there is space to organize a group travel event. Libbey Court is an elegant lobby with a capacity of 100 people for a seated dinner. A group of 60 people for a seated dinner would fit well in The Cloister, a medieval stone courtyard, or The Peistyle Lobby. Libbey Court and Gallery 1 and Red Room are perfect for small groups of 30 for dinner. In addition to the museum visit and dinner, private tours and demonstrations are available. toledomuseum.org

The Taft Museum of Art can accommodate up to 180 people for dinner.  Photo courtesy of Kortnee Kate Photography

The Taft Museum of Art can accommodate up to 180 people for dinner. Photo courtesy of Kortnee Kate Photography

Taft Museum of Art (Cincinnati)

Immersed in history and grandeur, this downtown retreat helps you create your own masterpiece experience. The outdoor garden tent sits on a brick terrace and adjoins the gardens with a seating capacity of 180 for dinner. The indoor Luther Hall is located in a new wing and can comfortably accommodate up to 75 guests. Planners can choose from half a dozen curated caterers with a wide variety of menu options. Groups can work with event staff to plan their unique experience. taftmuseum.org

When planning, keep in mind that there may be a cost for the space in addition to the dinner menu. In most cases, the price of admission to the art museum, as well as private guided tours and demonstrations will be included. Dinner at the art museum is a great closing event for a visit with wonderful memories.

By Dave Bodle


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